The Organic, Odorless and Gentle way to Dry clean! Evergreen Dry Cleaners was first drycleaner in Edmonton and area to use K4 environmentally friendly dry cleaning system. We care about the environment and we find that we can achieve all if not better cleaning results while being a steward of eco friendly and environmentally responsible business approach.

SYSTEM K4 used by Evergreen Dry Cleaners is the most advanced dry cleaning process in the the world. Our solvent is Biodegradable, dermatological tested, and absolutely harmless to clothes, our employees, customers and the environment. Our solvent has very different properties from conventional solvent (perc) in dry cleaning. It is halogen free organic solvent with a pureness of more than 99% and excellent cleaning process.

We are also proud to be professionally trained and certified by DRY CLEANING AND LAUNDARY INSTITUTE and are the recepient of THE AWARD OF EXCELLENCE 2013 for quality in garment cleaning and customer service.

New at Evergreen Dry Cleaners

LANADOL – Wet cleaning

The most environment-friendly kind of textile care!

Sensitive materials, such as wool, silk, acetate or cashmere, or sophisticated and elaborate clothing (jacket, blazer, fancy dress or wedding dress) require special care. We have developed the environment-friendly and still effective LANADOL wet cleaning system for the care of handwash items and textiles labelled with washing symbols. The LANADOL procedure is the result of the unequalled know-how that Kreussler have continually advanced for more than 20 years.