Definitely the right solution.

SYSTEMK4 is focused on the needs and well being of not only our valued customers but also people that work for us as well as our environment. Our goal was to develop an effective system from which all would benefit – from the cleaner to the shop assistant to you our valued customer. This is the only way for us to ensure long-term success and together look forward to a secure future!

Along with the already mentioned advantages, SYSTEMK4 offers numerous further advantages for everyone

SYSTEMK4 is tested and dermatologically absolutely harmless. SOLVONK4 is more powerful than all the previous cleaning technologies. Due to it being free of hazardous substances (according to the CLP-Regulation) and its favorable general categorization (by GHS), it is quickly and fully accepted by colleagues, clients, landlords and authorities. Your clothes will be cleaner, they will smell fresh (no residual after smell associated with the traditional dry cleaning) and you will be pleased to know that your clothes had been cleaned using the healthy solution that will not pose as a hazard to friendly people who serve you everyday at Evergreen Dry Cleaners (did you know that the traditional PERC solvent used by any of our competitors is known carcinogen and a dangerous substance not only for environment but also for health of employees working at those premisses, our solvents use absolutely no PERC).