LANADOL – The original of the wet cleaning!

Wet cleaning is an aqueous cleaning system that has been developed jointly by Miele and Kreussler for outerwear that cannot be washed and for the care of sensitive textiles. This invention initiated by Kreussler was trendsetter for the professional textile care. 

Wet cleaning has been established in textile care for more than 20 years now. It had been the issue of heated debates in the textile care trade: Some cleaners were dismissive of it as this system was regarded as being in competition to conventional solvent cleaning. This picture has changed considerably over the years.

Wet cleaning has proven its worth on the global market and turned out to be a blessing for the textile care industry.

Our LANADOL wet cleaning technology with the LANADOL products that have been developed especially for it ensures not only perfect safety for sensitive materials and sophisticated, elaborate clothing but also brilliant colours, aromatic freshness, skin-sympathetic grip and excellent cleaning results aswell as a reduction in costs.

Lower application quantities for water, energy and detergents, short batch times and lower purchase and maintenance costs make wet cleaning particularly economical.

We are proud that LANADOL is called the original of wet cleaning and we now offer this new service to all our clients.

The international textile care labelling according to DIN EN ISO 3758 assigns the care label „W“ in a circle to wet cleaning. This internationally accepted labelling indicates that wet cleaning has also been assigned to professional textile care and is therefore clearly distinguished from the care labels for domestic households!

Even under ecological aspects, wet cleaning offers only benefits. The LANADOL products meet the requirements for the „Blauer Engel“ (blue angel) environment award. Wet cleaning is therefore the most environment-friendly and health-caring alternative to cleaning in solvent and accounts for the increased environmental awareness of the environmentally aware customers for whom cleanliness is important.