We at Evergreen Dry Cleaners value our customers, our environment and the people who work for us.

Knowing our business and dry cleaning industry in-depth, we have learned many things that are important to our customers but that are not seldom disclosed by our competitors either because they either lack training to properly explain to you the process behind it or they are reluctant to fully disclose the full truth about the process and chemicals used to dry clean your clothes.

We at Evergreen Dry Cleaners want to set the record straight. Our process is more environmentally friendly, offers better end result (cleaner clothes), is odour
free and there are no risks of using the unhealthy chemicals in the process (we are PERC free dry cleaner).

To further demonstrate and educate our clients and general public who may be concerned about where and how their garments are dry cleaned, we have assembled some resources we thought may be of interest to our web site visitors. And if there is anything else you may wish to ask, please feel free to call, email or drop in and talk with one of our trained staff.

Thank you,

Evergreen Dry Cleaners